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About water jet cutting and Benefits of water jet cutting

Waterjet cutting is the process of cutting materials by using a high pressure stream of water. For very hard materials, a granular abrasive is added to the water stream to increase the cutting power. Virtually any material can be cut using waterjet machines including plastics, metals (like steels, alloys, titanium, and copper), rubber, glass, concrete, ceramics, and stone.

The main components of a waterjet cutting machine are:
·         A high pressure pump that raises the pressure of the water to about 4000 bar.
·         The cutting head which directs the flow of water into a highly focused beam for accurate cutting. If required, an abrasive mixing tube forms part of the cutting head to mix the abrasive with the water.
·         Cutting tables that control the position of the cutting head for accurate cuts.
·         A control system that can be pre-programmed to perform the cut automatically.

Waterjet cutting is used in industries like aerospace and automotive shops for efficient cutting and shaping of component parts. A major advantage over other cutting techniques is the fact that the cut is performed in cold conditions, thus eliminating heat damage like melting or cracking and heat stresses like hardening or warping. The high quality finish reduces the need for further processing steps and the absence of heat and dust keeps the workplace safe and environmentally friendly.

Benefits of using waterjet cutting process

·         An important benefit of the waterjet is the ability to cut material without interfering with its inherent structure, as there is no heat-affected zone (HAZ). Minimizing the effects of heat allows metals to be cut without harming or changing intrinsic properties.] Sharp corners, bevels, pierce holes, and shapes with minimal inner radii are all possible. 
·         Waterjet cutters are also capable of producing intricate cuts in material. With specialized software and 3-D machining heads, complex shapes can be produced.
·         The kerf, or width, of the cut can be adjusted by swapping parts in the nozzle, as well as changing the type and size of abrasive. Typical abrasive cuts have a kerf in the range of 0.04 to 0.05 in (1.0–1.3 mm), but can be as narrow as 0.02 inches (0.51 mm). Non-abrasive cuts are normally 0.007 to 0.013 in (0.18–0.33 mm), but can be as small as 0.003 inches (0.076 mm), which is approximately that of a human hair. These small jets can permit small details in a wide range of applications.
·         Waterjets are capable of attaining accuracy down to 0.005 inches (0.13 mm) and repeat-ability down to 0.001 inches (0.025 mm).
·         Due to its relatively narrow kerf, waterjet cutting can reduce the amount of scrap material produced, by allowing uncut parts to be nested more closely together than traditional cutting methods. Waterjets use approximately 0.5 to 1 US gal (1.9–3.8 l) per minute (depending on the cutting head's orifice size), and the water can be recycled using a closed-loop system. Waste water usually is clean enough to filter and dispose of down a drain. The garnet abrasive is a non-toxic material that can be mostly recycled for repeated use; otherwise, it can usually be disposed in a landfill. Waterjets also produce fewer airborne dust particles, smoke, fumes, and contaminants, reducing operator exposure to hazardous materials.
·         Meat cutting using waterjet technology eliminates the risk of cross contamination since there is no contact medium (namely, a blade).

Advantages of waterjet cutting

Following are ideal merits of using waterjet cutting services that are
·         Cold cutting – no heat affected zones, no hardening
·         Omni-directional cutting – ability to cut in any direction
·         Perforates most materials without starting holes
·         Cuts virtually any material
·         Net-shape or near-net-shape parts (no secondary processing required in many applications)
·         Minimal fix Turing required
·         Environmentally friendly
·         Reduces dust and hazardous gases
·         Does not workload material – stress-free cutting
·         Flexible machine integration
·         Saves raw materials (small cutting kerf width, nesting capabilities)
·         Faster than many conventional cutting tools

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Water jet cutting Coimbatore - How to cut glass

Water jet cutter, also said to be waterjet or water jet, it is industrial tool able of cutting broad range of materials utilizing very high-pressure jet of water. It is most innovated and warm welcomed method which is substitute for the conventional cutting techniques. Water jet cutting is known to be green technology. Are you looking for ideal water jet cutting Coimbatore? Well, you are at right place; here you can know benefit of using water jet cutting job work also why should look for waterjet cutting process. 

Know water jet cutting method 

List of benefits of using water jet cutting process

Eco-friendly method
Waterjet cutting job work is eco-friendly and economical method which stands top on market compare to traditional methods. It minimizes the cost needed for waste disposal since it would not produce any heat affected zone. Since, water which gets polluted via water jet cutting process will be recycled via filtration and will be reused later. 

Non-Toxic and Natural
No-toxic waste is produced via water jet cutting in Coimbatore as the conventional cutting techniques produce. Water which gets polluted in the cutting method will be cleaned via filter and will be reused or will be contentedly dispose-off or drained. It provide precise cut on parts without affecting materials also produce high-quality on edge. 

Highly Precise
High-tech water jet cutting are computer controlled and programmed. It makes sure maximum material use devoid of producing any leftovers. It can be able to cuts parts accurately with maximum exactness of +/- 0.03-mm. Since, it does not produce heat which make perfect cut without affecting edge-part. This improves accuracy and precision in cutting different types of materials and metals. 

Advantages of water jet cutting

Following are ideal merits of using water jet cutting services that are
  •  Incredible precision
  • No wastage
  • No heat generation
  • No re-cutting required
  • Incredible speed
  • Short set-up times
  • Eco-sound
  • Safer work environment
  • High-edge quality
  • Cuts the part in 2D shape
  • No fixtures needed
I guess, now you are clear about benefits of choosing water jet cutting Coimbatore. Well, if you to obtain water jet cutting job work then have a look at here

Friday, 14 October 2016

Look about water jet cutting job work and its benefits

Water jet cutting devices will be utilized in various sectors and for different technique such as cutting, forming, carving and reaming. It can be effective for cutting parts that are highly delicate to high-temp in order to avoid loss on parts or waste out of it. One of the beneficial for using water jet cutting job work is, it is eco-friendly and would not produce any heat-affected zone as others do. This is why, many industries prefer water jet cutting services method rather than cutting techniques to get unique results. Read out below given tips to known how to find ideal water jet cutting job work Coimbatore for reasonable price.

Uses of water jet cutting services

Below given are the ideal benefits that you have to look so that you can know why we should go for waterjet cutting Coimbatore

No high-temperature
As discussed above, there is no muffling, bending and melting while it comes to use waterjet cutting techniques. No heat is produced thus; it can be able to cut any type of hard parts perfectly with high precision.

Another beneficial about waterjet is flexibility, can be able to cut various types of components with water jet rather than other traditional techniques which don’t succeed to provide such versatility. Many components can be cut like plastic materials, marble, stone, timber, steel and much more with very accurately and effectively.

Time and cleanness
No slag or unwanted ingredients are left over in the completed items and therefore, there is no require going for further washing. Therefore, your steel manufacturing can be finished easily. 

Waterjet cutting will be utilized to cut both solid and smooth materials. When used CNC water jet cutting job work in Coimbatore with GK Industries they are capable to make intricate styles in a soft way.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Why should choose water jet cutting services?

If you appear in to your day by day life, then you can acquire to recognize the fact that the water jet has main role in the protection of your sewage-system - be it at house, or any other bigger place. Well, now if you need to acquire the water jet cutting services completed in the good way, then you must rely in the ideal company thus that you don’t have any cause to repent later on. You just want to do is, to recognize regarding the specifications of GK Industries Company and its capability in the water jet cutting feature. Read out this post, to know why should choose water jet cutting services Coimbatore

Why should find water jet cutting services?

Best benefits

The primary benefit that you can obtain from this concern in this field is, their working method is very eco-friendly and this is the cause since to why you can love to get assist from this business. The maximum temp of nozzle which is utilized in turn to formulate the cutting is incredible around 50°C and yet less sometimes. As well as, no-hazardous items are formed as an outcome thus that is certainly a big thing.

Other privileges

The metal cutting services offers with high-thickness cutting that refers that you can slice based on your appropriateness and sure there will be no-problems regarding that. It is totally incredible that the water jet cutting services can cut the stainless steel with thickness of about 170-mm as well as it can cut 250-mm aluminium and finally, 300-mm Titanium and thus it is not a subject of joke.

Other prospects to be considered

The CNC water jet cutting services in Coimbatore provides excellent outcome. It is good to choose waterjet cutting tool for cutting any type of parts to make precise output. This refers that the device that is there in the concern can really cut any type of 2D shape- it doesn’t matter what the objects is. Another ideal aspect is the quality of cutting is high-edge and the softness is just amazing. The raw objects are saved to lots of extent as because of fact that the slice is done in smooth manner thus that there is no-wastage of materials. 

Now all you need to do is, you have to end-up with best company and of course, you can look at GK Industries for best water jet cutting services.